Welcome to Sole Survivor – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Support. My names Matt, I’m the founder of the group, you can learn a bit more about the people who make up Sole Survivor in the “About Us” section of the site.

Sole Survivor is a support group set up exclusively for people from all walks of life that are currently affected by PTSD; from those who have survived and want to share their experiences, advice on treatments and wellness with other people, to those who just want to be in an environment where people “get” how you feel.

We provide a non-judgemental, safe space where you can speak in confidence about your condition. We aim to help you on your path to recovery, health, and wellbeing through advice, guidance and signposting to agencies and resources that we feel you may find useful as we have used them ourselves.

The mission of Sole Survivor is to bring together PTSD sufferers and survivors, both from civilian and military backgrounds together in a friendly informal setting along with members of their family as often a condition called secondary PTSD can occur when an individual is exposed to people who have been traumatized themselves.

Often disturbing descriptions of traumatic events by a survivor can lead to secondary PTSD and are similar to those of PTSD (e.g. intrusive re-experiencing of the traumatic material, avoidance of trauma triggers/emotions, negative changes in beliefs and feelings and hyperarousal). Secondary trauma has been researched to be evident in blue light first responders, nurses, physicians, mental health care workers, and children of traumatized parents.

Our group aims to break down the barriers of isolation and avoidance as they are a big part of the condition, and often lead people to think that they are alone with their demons, We want to challenge the way we all think about, talk about and respond to PTSD in all areas from home to employment and work to reduce the stigma of the condition amongst the public.

Our aspirations underpin all that we do and govern our internal and external behaviour; we work with integrity and dignity We communicate honestly and openly and are a group that is ambitious, creative and determined.

Join us…..drop me an e-mail and let’s start moving forward together.