About Us

We are a bunch of people who have been through PTSD and come out the other side.

We’ve known the darkness that can envelope you, but we’ve also moved towards the light and are managing are conditions, thus leading full and active lives.

Our motivation for setting up the group comes from a sadness that people are taking their own lives even though treatments and therapies exist that can help alleviate, manage and in some cases remove the condition amongst sufferers. Also that many people in the community live with the condition for what can be decades, without it being diagnosed, thus leading them to a life of substance misuse and offending behaviour.

All this can be averted with the right knowledge. In the words of Sun Tzu – Know your enemy.

It is evident that there seems to be an issue amongst sufferers that they don’t know where to turn to in respect to finding out the information around the illness and also a certain degree of isolation and social avoidance that comes with it.

We aim to bring people and their families together in a relaxed setting so the afflicted can see there is a way forward and they are not in a hopeless position.

We are mindful that PTSD is viewed as an illness that only affects ex-military personnel and aims to bring veterans and civilians together to share their experiences and pathways to wellness.