Your group is exclusively for people with PTSD, why?

Whilst Sole Survivor recognises that a proportion of people suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health illnesses such as Bi-Polar and Personality Disorders, we want to concentrate our resources and time on people and their families who are affected by PTSD as this is where our experience lies. We would advise people who suffer from other mental health issues to contact their G.P, who can then refer them on to more appropriate support agencies.

Are you therapists and counsellors?

No, and unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand that can cure your condition in one group session, what we do have is tonnes of empathy, experience of the condition, advice and guidance from ordinary people who have learned to live and cope with the condition on a day to day basis; people like you.
That being said, we are working actively to bring guest speakers to each meeting who are experts in the field of recovery.

Is it for Military Veterans only?

Sole Survivor is set up for everyone with PTSD from mothers who have experienced a traumatic pregnancy to blue light professionals, individuals who have been involved in gang violence and people who have witnessed road traffic accidents, the list of the causes of PTSD are many and not just attributed to front line combat scenario’s.
We do not discriminate against military or non-military personnel, our view is that we are all suffering from PTSD, we can all learn from each other in a supportive environment, both civilian and veteran alike.

Why Sole Survivor, what does the name mean?

Each PTSD sufferer has survived a traumatic experience that has unfolded before their eyes. Our perspective on it and the way our brain has processed it, and our subsequent behaviours, are unique only to ourselves, thus we are the Sole Survivors of that individual event.